What benefits can I expect?

New Tech Integrated

Every day there are new technologies and innovations coming out and our experts will not be satisfied by what we achieve - they do their best to employ these cutting-edge techniques and skills in our software to make them evolve and suit your needs better.

Intuitive UI & Features

A simple UI is often better than a complex one and that's why we make our interface brainless to use. You will start your work immediately instead of spending lots of time learning how to find and use the features you want.

Free & Safe

Our software is 100% free to use and most importantly, it does not come with malware like spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, hijackers, etc. You can use the software without worrying about the safety or your system.

Ongoing Support

If you are completely new to our software, it won't take long to get help from the step-by-step tutorials from our website. If you have further questions to ask, we are always available to see what we can do for you.


Awards & Testimonials


  • Brothersoft

    Editor's Pick
    In our opinion, Advanced Scan to PDF Free provides the most effective, scalable and cost-effective PDF solution on the market. Advanced Scan to PDF Free delivers a decent number of customizations for the resulting file like output location. There is a very handy feature of this utility that permits you to define a particular dimension for the page size of the PDF or you can just as well settle for the default values for width and height
  • Gear Download

    Editor's Choice
    If your priority is to get the maximum number of features from a single freeware package, then Advanced Scan to PDF Free will be a good choice. It meets the needs for an affordable and flexible solution
  • Computer Bild

    Editor's Review
    The inbuilt PDF Preview is a good alternative to Adobe's PDF Reader. It is free of bloatware and provides a number of features that other PDF readers do not offer. Advanced Scan to PDF Free even has good security options to add/remove password to PDF file to restrict who can view, edit, copy, print or add comments to your PDF document
  • Download A to Z

    Overall, Advanced Scan to PDF Free, a paperless office solution, is one of the best choices for its excellent software design and capabilities. As for the functionalities, we found Advanced Scan to PDF Free allowed converting paper documents. The paper can be scanned and formed into electronic documents which can be easily converted to PDF


  • Sandy Hernandez

    Advanced Scan to PDF Free continues to be an essential component of my professional work. I wear many hats - attorney, mediator, court administrator, adjunct professor, statewide state bar committee co-chair, legislative expert witness. Advanced Scan to PDF Free helps raise each of these efforts to a high level of professionalism
  • Larry Giebeler

    The day before I discovered Advanced Scan to PDF Free, I had been asked if I could email a copy of a letter that I had received. Unexpectedly, it helps me get my document scanned and emailed off within a minute. Very, very, very pleased
  • Robert G. Levin

    I just wanted to thank you for having a GREAT program! I use Advanced Scan to PDF Free as my main "go to" program! Advanced Scan to PDF Free is the best program for organizing my "paperless office". Advanced Scan to PDF Free, also, allows me to scan documents directly into a PDF file - making scanning that much easier
  • Frank Bautsh

    "I've been working with paperless office and file management solutions for two decades now, and I'm thrilled with what your guys offer my customers. Other solutions are too complex, too difficult to use, and too expensive. Advanced Scan to PDF Free combines document imaging and file management into a simple, easy-to-learn solution that meets our needs perfectly


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100% Free Scan to PDF Software. Safe & Simple.

Completely SAFE and FREE to download and install Advanced Scan to PDF Free! Uninstaller included to help remove it from your system.

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How to Scan to PDF?

Portable document format is a secure file that's easy to send through email or use to store documents since the file size is compressed. Why not scan a paper document that contains text, pictures, etc. to PDF form that can be easily distributed, tracked, and analyzed? Advanced Scan to PDF Free will help you scan paper documents into PDF.

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How to Convert Image to PDF?

Looking for a simple way to convert your photos, scans, faxes and drawings into PDF documents? Then look no further than Advanced Scan to PDF Free. Our flexible and easy to use dedicated image to PDF conversion tool is specifically designed for home and professional users, making it quick and simple to convert image to PDF. With one-click simplicity, you'll go from an image file to a fully searchable PDF.

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How to Convert JPG to PDF?

You have taken a lot of pictures during the vocation, and want to select some beautiful ones to put together as PDF for sharing. However, you cannot find a suitable image to PDF converter on the Internet and don't know how to convert JPG to PDF efficiently? Advanced Scan to PDF Free is a powerful and easy-to-use image to PDF conversion utility, with which you can convert your scanned documents or pictures into high quality PDF files at an impressive speed!

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How to Add Password/Remove Password?

Wish to protect your PDF files security so that other people won't be able to open your PDF files to do some copy and paste? There is no doubt that adding a password to a PDF file can surely enhance the security. You may use Advanced Scan to PDF Free to set a password to your PDF file and prevent it from being open randomly, especially when it contains some important and confidential contents. You are also available to change restrictions of your PDF files with this software.

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How to Apply Digital Signature?

A digital signature uniquely identifies the originator of digitally signed data and also ensures the integrity of the signed data against tampering or corruption. So digital signatures are commonly used to identify electronic entities for online transactions, just like handwritten signatures or physical thumbprints are commonly used to identify people for legal proceedings or transactions. Advanced Scan to PDF Free can help you sign your PDF digitally.

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How to Rotate Scanned Document?

Scanned documents available for use are not always formatted in the way that users need them. In many cases images must be flipped or rotated to convey the proper meaning or to improve the overall layout of a document. Advanced Scan to PDF Free provides several simple yet useful functions to make the desired changes.

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How to Edit Image?

Scanned PDF files are superb for display and storing purposes, but they cannot be altered as the contents are images instead of editable text, and this can make some computer users frustrated when working with them. Fortunately, a quick PDF conversion tool - Advanced Scan to PDF Free can help you edit the scanned image document before saving to PDF.

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Who Are We?

PDFChief, founded in 2005, is a world-leading manufacturer of programming components and software solutions for generating, processing, displaying and archiving PDF and PDF/A files. Our team members have a solid educational background and many years of experience in their field to develop the up-to-date but easy-to-use PDF tools. Now, our PDF management as well as our high-quality service have quickly earned us a strong reputation for efficiency and reliability.

Customer Focus

At PDFChief, we strive to give our customer the BEST PDF solution. All the members of PDFChief. will continually work hard to deliver high quality and easy-to-use software and service to help customers in worldwide to make business easier. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions for any of our products.

International Base

PDFChief is proud of having a worldwide customer base and localizing its software in several languages. Our tools and services enable our broadest practical international audience to understand, utilize, and maximize the benefits of their document data & image assets.


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